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Here are a few cool running routes from our store

RRC 5K Route 1: This route circles around the Medical Center, onto the University of Rochester Campus and around Mount Hope Cemetery. There are well maintained sidewalks, streetlights, and plenty to look at. 

Keep a little gas in the tank to come up the Mount Hope hill at the end, but you'll be rewarded with a nice long down hill finish afterwards!

RRC 5K Route 2: This is a beautiful route that crosses the river twice. It's a pretty easy run with a couple hills, the largest of which is coming across the river on the Elmwood Bridge. A fun and scenic route that is great for an early morning run with picture opportunities along the way!

RRC 5 Mile Route 21: This route goes along water most of the way, starting with the historic Erie Canal and then up the Genesee River. It follows paved paths the whole way through Genesee Valley Park and then crosses over the river onto the U of R campus. Then it comes back down the river on the other side and comes back near the hospital.

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