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Rochester Running Company Pacers

These are the passionate and selfless runners who get up early on Saturday mornings to help you achieve your goals! They all are driven individuals and filled with positivity as they keep you at your desired long run pace!

Robyn Rosechandler
7:30 Pacer

I’ve been a Rochester Running pacer for about two years! Seeing such a large and passionate group is so incredibly inspiring and really helps my own training. To be able to be around so many welcoming and fun people who are working hard toward their goals really helps put my goals and training in perspective!!

Steve Levitsky
9:00 Pacer

I started running in 1991 and since then have run hundreds of races, on roads and trails, duathlons and triathlons, including 34 full marathons, 7 ultra marathons and an iron distance (140.6) triathlon. I have paced since 2008 for training programs and races and enjoy sharing my love of running and running knowledge (mostly hard earned) with others.

My personal highlights are qualifying for and running the 2012 Boston Marathon and completing my first iron distance triathlon (Challenge Cedar Point) in 2015. I am a self-employed attorney, married (my wife also completed the 140.6!) and father of a 16 year old daughter and 13 year old son.

Jim McLaughlin
8:30 Pacer

I started running to stay in shape for climbing and mountaineering, but started racing after losing a New Years bet! Now I swim, bike and run more than I climb and regularly train for Ironman triathalons. I pace at Rochester Running so I can help others and give back to the sport. I love seeing others accomplish things they never thought possible!

Hannah Rockwell
9:00 Pacer
Wendy Abbott
9:00 Pacer

 I have 7 or so years of experience pacing runners training for half or full marathons, as well as serving as the official 2:00 pacer in local half marathon races. My own personal story starts like this: in 2008 I decided to run a marathon just to see if I could. It ended up being a horribly hot and humid day, and although I finished it just wasn't the experience I was hoping to have.  I've now completed 22 marathons, 7 consecutive Boston Marathons, and 4 ultra marathons. I've also gotten hooked on triathlons and have completed Tri’s up to the Half Ironman distance.

Jennifer Disalvo
9:30 Pacer

My adventure in running started over three years ago as a New Year’s resolution to run the Lilac 5k that May. In October of the previous year I had witnessed my daughter’s best friend’s mother pass away. I weighed 300lbs, smoked a pack a cigarettes a day, and drank every weekend. This was not a lifestyle that would allow me to see my children and grandchildren grow up. So it started, I ran my first race Johnny’s run that March and I was hooked. I have run 5 marathons and even signed up for my first 50 mile race before I had run a marathon. I love to run Ultras. However you will see me run 5ks,10ks, and half marathons. I have run countless 50ks and 2 50 milers since I started. I ran my second 100k this August. I also like triathlons as well.

Kathy Reardon
10:00 Pacer

I've completed 30 marathons including 3 Bostons, NYC and a bunch of Sehgahundas. To date, 15 ultras, mostly 50ks, a few 50 milers and most recently my first 100k. I'm an attorney by trade and my husband, daughter and I live in Mendon, so Mendon Ponds is like a 2nd home! The best part of running for me is being with my running family. I've paced for about 7 years because it gives me the opportunity to meet new folks and share my experiences, both good and bad!

Karen Marcus
10:30 Pacer

I was an avid runner in high school in X-Country, Indoor Track and Spring Outdoor Track for 4 yrs,. Over the next 30 yrs smoking and partying seemed to be more fun. Then one day I decided I wanted to quit smoking and began Couch to 5K on my treadmill at home. It was then I decided I wanted to quit smoking as I wanted to run more. I ran my first 5K almost 30 yrs to the day of my last HS race and I was hooked again. I love to meet new runners and hear about your goals, as I can share, you can do anything you put your mind too, as I am living proof of that! Running helped change my life and I now have a new healthy addiction, and I hope to be able to support and encourage those facing challenges themselves. Never give up, keep going one foot in front of the other! Hope to see you soon!!

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