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Here are some of the faces you'll see at Rochester Running Co!

Jonathan Griffiths - Owner

Roads, Trails, or Track? Road

Why do you run?  For the community

Best running music?  Pitbull

Best post-run food?  Pizza

Favorite saying?  Can't stop, won't stop!

Andrew Macmillan - Coach

Roads, Trails, or Track? Track!

Why do you run?  To see how fast I am

Best running music?  Queens of the Stone Age

Best post-run food?  Bagels and cream cheese

Favorite saying?  If it was easy, the chess team would be out here doing it.

Robyn - Model

Roads, Trails, or Track? Def Roads

Why do you run?  Its the only position I can hold.. forever.

Best running music?  Mambo No 5

Best post-run food?  Linguine w/clam sauce

Favorite saying?  Out of the sea, wish I could be, part of that.... world

Rocky - Another Model

Roads, Trails, or Track? Treadmill. I kill it on the treadmill.

Why do you run?  The boss makes me.

Best running music?  Can't touch this

Best post-run food?  Nut Butter


Favorite saying? I can do anything you can do better.  I can do anything better than you.

Rocket - Horse

Roads, Trails, or Track? Neigh

Why do you run?  Whinnie

Best running music?  Neigh

Best post-run food?  Whinnie

Favorite saying?  If it was easy,  Seabuscuit would be out here doing it.

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