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What do we miss most? The connection.

Our goal: 24-hour community relay run

We are going to attempt to have someone running continuously for 24 Hours.


Depending on the success of our first day, our hope would be to keep someone running 24 hours daily.


Instead of handing a baton, we will hand off to the next relay leg with a text, phone call, video call, or social media. 


We want this experience to be available to everyone.  If you feel inspired to pay to play and help Rochester Running Co continue our community project we started 4 years ago, we'd be humbled.


Use the link at SignupGenius


  1. Signup for desired time slots:  Time slots are 30 minutes.  The hope is that you will be running as many of those 30 minutes as possible. Ex: If you are going out for a 2 hour run, you can sign up for consecutive time slots.

  2. ​​​Leave your contact information in the "My Comment" box: phone number, email, social media handle, Facebook profile name, PO Box, or some sort of way for the person who is running before you to contact you.

  3. ​​Pay or don't: Press 'signup and pay' if submitting a donation or 'signup and pay later' if not.

  4. Add the date and time(s) to your calendar.


  1. Receive a call: If your run starts at midnight, you will receive a call, Facebook message, text, picture message, video message, postcard, crazy creative contact, or some sort of communication from someone who has just finished running.

  2. Start your run: After receiving this heartfelt communication, you will begin your run.  You will run for the time-slot you signed up for.

  3. Call the next person: Upon completion of your allotted time, you will call or message the next person in the 'relay'. At the completion of your contact with that person, you will wash your face and brush your teeth and go to sleep.  (your run started at midnight silly. Go to bed!

  4. Brush your teeth: This was a hypothetical situation.  If your run didn't start at midnight, you will still follow the basic format but you don't necessarily need to go to sleep directly after.  You could brush your teeth though.  Keep that part.


  1. Fill out this google form: CLICK ME POST RUN

  2. All we want to know is the approximate mileage you ran.  That's all that is required. 

  3. Post about your experience if you want using a hashtag that inspires you or maybe share about the essential people in your life. #24HourCommunityRelay

  4. Reflect and signup for another time-slot


Q: Can I sign up for more than 1 slot?

A: Yes! Sign up for as many as you'd like!

Q: Where do I run?

A: Wherever you'd like! Treadmill, outside, around your balcony, or wherever is safe!

Q: Can I run with others?

A: Have you been watching the news? If yes, then you already know that answer.  If no, unless you live with the person you are planning on running with you probably shouldn't.  There is a thing called COVID-19.  We can catch you up later!

Q: I don't feel safe running at 3 AM.  What should I do?

A: Probably choose not to sign up for that time-slot. 

Or call Jon and he can talk to you while you run. 585-957-4096

Q: I lost my job, should I donate my last $5 to this run?

A: We would rather you don't.

Q: There are so many charity runs and I want to do this but the charity runs are more important to me?

A: Do this too! Keep our relay going and do your charity run concurrently.  OR your virtual race.  Or any other project you have going on.

Q: Can I walk?

A: Of course! You are getting out and exercising aren't you! Run/walk with us!

Q: Am I too slow?

A: Heck no.

Q: I'm afraid I won't travel far enough?

A: Go as far as you'd like!

Q: I want to give to a charity. Is this possible?

A: Sure! Sign up for a time slot and participate.  And consider a charity event as well and put your hard earned dolla dolla bills there!  Like this one: STRONGER TOGETHER


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